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Farmers,UKM,Market with one Platform.

Integrated Upstream and Downstream Platform for Agriculture and Commodities in Indonesia to improve the welfare of farmers in Indonesia.

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Problem to Solve

5 Problems that Inacom can solve.

  • Low Prices in Farmers.
  • Sustainable Supplies.
  • Logistic & Distribution.
  • Financial Support.
  • Sustainable Plantation.

We are,

“The Place for Indonesia Best Product“


Consolidate the commodities thru apps and tech (crowd sourcing) as well as building a market sustainability. This apps will cutting a chain of middlemen and giving a visibility to buyer to see the stock price and sustainability of raw material.

Logistic & Distribution

Managing Logistic with partisipatif (empowering local transport owner) thru system as well as local warehouse for consolidation will cut logistic cost.


As Agregator of SMES by Empowering local community and SMEs to standardize the output and as operator of integrated processing area.


Managing the bigdata farmer and smes to go to fintech. This will allow us to cut dependency of farmer to loan shark and middlemen in some cases.


Indonesia has a vast land, Planting a coconut with crowdfunding is a good opportunity.


Farmers Join


Demand for Export


Land Affiliated


Processing Unit


New Employment


Commodities Consolidated


Commodities Value Add Increment



B2B Business Opportunity & Partnership

There will be no limit for our products and innovationto building this end to end platform. Our aims is giving more and more impacts to farmers for their better life.

Program 100 Ha Tanaman Sela Porang Program 100 Ha Tanaman Sela Porang
Jumlah Pembiayaan
Rp 1.500.000.000
Estimasi Profit
30% - 35%
Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat
Pembiayaan Supply Kopra untuk Pabrik - Batch 2 Pembiayaan Supply Kopra untuk Pabrik - Batch 2
On Progress
Jumlah Pembiayaan
Rp 2.450.000.000
Estimasi Profit
22 - 33%
Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
Pembiayaan Perdagangan Arang untuk Export Pembiayaan Perdagangan Arang untuk Export
On Progress
Jumlah Pembiayaan
Estimasi Profit
22 - 30%
Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung
Pembiayaan Kelapa Export Thailand (Batch 1) Pembiayaan Kelapa Export Thailand (Batch 1)
On Progress
Jumlah Pembiayaan
Rp 1.400.000.000
Estimasi Profit
21% - 30%
Kabupaten Indragiri Hilir, Riau

Our Map is Building an ecosystem to consolidate Best Product in Indonesian Region — Mapping and Managing a critical path of Logistic & Distribution — Engaging with local government and institution to boasting the potential resources — as well as data management for future purposes.







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